Our story

me&ANNA creates beautiful, hand made cushions and home accessories. Each item is a unique, hand made piece that's designed and crafted in Hackney, London. Started by Anna in 2017, a bespoke tailor and fashion designer, wanting to create her own universe of colour and patterns. Overtaken by enthusiasm, her living room became a studio space filled with fabric rolls, dye, wool cones and a whole lot of love.

After a year in development of which every step of the process is by hand, the first collection is now available. The combination of different textures and colours brings a friendly and joyful dynamic to every space. You can change the mood and atmosphere in your room by simply turning them around; Et voila! Plain velvet or a fuzzy wool explosion? The choice is yours.

Every cushion has two different sides and three different surfaces. A signature look that offers a visual and tactile experience, creating atmosphere, conversation and memories.


Design & Construction

Each cushion design has a unique embroidered centre piece, which is applied on a natural grainy cotton. This is then hand sewn onto a soft velvet backing. Each cushion features a high quality concealed zip. The cushions are available in two sizes and come complete with extra soft filling made of luxury cluster fibres in a cotton shell.


All materials including the filling are sourced in the UK. We use high quality fabrics to create our unique products. Me&ANNA cushions are designed to last as a unique piece on your soft furnishings. We are hoping to bring good vibes into everyones space who gives one of our cushions a new home.

Handmade and unique.

It takes hours, sometimes days to finish a cushion due to the many different steps of the process from cutting the fabric, embroidering with wool or giving the artwork a final trim. We are obsessed with details, complimentary colours, textures and contrasts. Our work is inspired by the seasons and the natural world, which we embrace every day.


The Process


The Product