Frequently Asked Questions

We love to hear feedback and questions. Our frequently asked questions may get you your answer sooner. If not please send us a mail to:


Can I buy a cushion in a shop?
Currently we’re selling online only, however we’re organising pop-up stalls and will be selling in selected London stores in early 2019. For more info please send us an email to and check our instagram account for updates.

Can I wash the cover?
All cushion covers are specialist dry clean only. Please do not wash the cover, there is a care label on the inside advising of best care practice.

Can I iron the cushion?
Press the cotton carefully when covered with a clean, non-staining cloth. Carefully steaming the velvet will remove creases.

How do I car for my cushion?
The fluffy centrepiece might flatten slightly during shipping and handling etc. Give your cushion a slight shake and or good steam with an iron. You can also run your fingers across the embroidery to freshen up and plump the cushion a bit more.

Velvet is a very delicate and luxury fabric and must not be pressed with an iron. You can carefully steam it to smooth the velvet surface.

Are the cushions safe for children?
The designs make a beautiful addition to a child’s bedroom and the wool embroidery is securely backed with an interlining. However, individual strings of wool yarn might loosen if strongly pulled.

Due to the nature of the wool yarn used in the embroidered centrepiece of the cushion small fibre parts might shed from the embroidery during handling. If you are a parent or carer please handle responsibly. You can carefully vacuum clean around the embroidery to prevent the fibres from spreading.

Where do you get the materials from?
All materials for our cushion designs are sourced in London and the UK. We like to be as transparent as possible to create honest, high-quality products made of natural materials where possible.

The soft velvet in vibrant colours is from THE HACKNEY DRAPER
Our bold wool embroidery is made from dyed wool from THE HAND WEAVER’S STUDIO.
Every colour batch of wool cones is different - therefore no cushion is like the other.

The woven cotton base for the wool embroidery for the ‘Afternoon’ range is all natural in its colour and texture. The dark base for the ‘Midnight’ range is hand-dyed in our studio to achieve the dark shade and desired contrasting effect.

We sourced an inner cushion material which does not involve animal products, it comes from a UK-based supplier and is manufactured in the south of England. Every cushion is stuffed with luxury cluster fibre from 100% polyester in cushion inner made from a 100% cotton.

What is the customer guarantee?
We aim to finish all our products to a high standard. Every product is quality controlled and thoroughly checked before shipping. If you however discover a manufacturing fault within 30 days of receiving your order, we will refund you the full price of your purchased item in return of the goods, unless we it can be proven the item has been shipped in faultless condition.

We want our cushions to have a long and happy life. If within six months of receiving your order there should be a manufacturing based issue e.g. a broken zip, we will fix it for you unless the return to our studio is more cost intensive

What’s the return policy?
We can only accept return or exchanges on items purchased from our website. Returned or exchanged items must be unused, in original condition with labels still attached. As our products are handmade, they may vary slightly in appearance. We use natural fibres in our products can be irregular. This is the nature of handmade items and we feel this adds to their character and is not to be considered a defect.
For more information please visit our shipping and returns page.

What is the fire rating?
The cushion cover is made from natural fibres. Also follow care label instructions and keep away from open fire. The inner cushion filling material complies with the flammability requirements of the furniture and furnishings fire safety regulations.

Can I get a cushion custom made?
At the moment we are selling a selection of unique, one-off designs. We are always happy about feedback and suggestions. Send an email to or fill in the form at our contact page.

The cushion I like is sold out. Is there a waiting list?
There currently is no waiting list. Please send us a message or like us on instagram for feedback and follow for updates. We’ll be adding new stock to our online shop in time.

Where are the cushions made?
We have been very fortunate working at I&I studio in Islington. All our cushions are hand made at their studio by Anna in Hackney, London.